What Type of Motivational Speaker Are You?

You may wonder how some of the best motivational speakers achieve their success. There would be instance when you think some others have far way more potential but they just cannot seem to gather a large audience. Remember that the secret to getting your name out there lies in marketing yourself. Do you have online presence? Do you tap other speaking opportunities and events? These are just some of the things you will have to look at.

At the end of the day, motivational speaker’s popularity all boils down to your message and humor. The impact of your speech to people cannot be achieved if you do not make your speech interesting and motivating at the same time.

A motivational speaker can either be a platform speaker or a keynote speaker. However, there are instances when a speaker can be a combination of the two.

Platform Speakers

When you say platform speakers, their presence are usually known at free events. They normally tackle a subject that deals with a specific problem. They will then move on to the solution of that problem and how it can be valuable to the listeners. They offer services and goods that can be of great help to their audience such as self-help books and CDs.

Nevertheless, speeches of platform speakers are still geared towards motivating people. The only difference is that they are more income driven compared to keynote speakers. In fact, some of the well known platform speakers can make over 15 million dollars in one year.

Keynote Speakers

keynote_speakersIf platform speakers are more income driven, keynote speakers primary aim is to send a message. This is why it can be a struggle for aspiring keynote speakers to make it in the industry. If you want to be invited to speak at events, conferences and conventions, you have to establish your name. Just like any other success story, you will have to start low meaning you might not get the fee that you want right away.

One of the common struggles of keynote speakers is building their reputation and reliability. When you are invited to speak for an event and the organization likes you, they may call you again to speak for another event. They can also be the bridge for your next speaking event. Who knows? They might refer you to other companies and organization that need a motivational speaker to speak for their company gathering.

It might take a few other free and small fee speeches before you get to where you want to be. When your name is out there and everyone wants to hear what you want to talk about next and you end up having a lot of invites, then you have established a name for yourself. If you’re lucky, you might just be one of the known keynote speakers to earn 500,000 dollars a year for speaking.

The only downside to starting as a keynote speaker is the fact that you are paid to speak. If you advertise some other of your stuff and makes it sound like you are selling anything more than your speech, the organization that invited you may get discouraged. You do not want this to happen because it can really work against your budding career as a speaker.

But do note that some speakers were able to assume both platform and keynote speaker roles at the same time. Just make sure your speech as a motivational speaker is not only motivating but also humorous. It is easier to remember ideas and people when the message is conveyed with a humor tone. And if you achieve that, your client and audience will be your advertisement generator giving you more clients!

One of the keys to being an excellent motivational speaker is ensuring you keep your audience engaged.Motivational speakers are well known experts for their entertaining, customized and research driven programs.

8 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Portable Storage Container

Whether you intend to purchase or rent a portable storage container, this is a pretty large investment. As such, you want to be sure that you are spending your money on the right one.

portable storage container

To do so, there are some factors that you have to consider first before you agree with a company to rent out or purchase one of their containers. To help you make that decision, here are the top 8 things that you have to look into when choosing between the storage containers available.


Most storage containers have branded locking systems that can help ensure the security of the items you store in your container.Most containers also include security features that protect your items, not only from possible theft, but also from other factors that may damage your valuables, such as fire and storms. Make sure that you check for these security features before purchasing or renting a portable storage container.


Portable storage containers commonly come in three sizes—10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot containers—to give you options on what size is more suitable for the type of items you plan to store in them.


The metal portable storage containers that you choose should be rust-resistant. It’s almost always a given that these containers are already rust-resistant, but it’s best to be sure and ask with the company before investing in one, especially if you intend to use the container for some time or if the weather conditions are unpredictable in the area where they will be stored.


If you intend to use the portable storage containers as mobile class rooms or offices, you should choose customizable containers. Not all companies allow for their containers to be customized, so if you plan to convert a container to a room or office, make sure you inquire with the company first if this is possible.


People often pay little attention to the doors of portable storage containers when making a decision on what container to invest in. There are some containers that prove to be hard to use because the doors aren’t too easy to open. It’s important to choose a container with some sort of special fitting or patented technology that allows you to open the door easily, especially if you know you’ll be coming in and out of it often.


Before you invest in a portable storage container, you should already have planned on where to store it so that this won’t be a problem once the container is delivered to you. If there is no space for the container in your home or workplace, most companies will allow you to keep them in their storage areas.

Rental Agreement

If you plan to rent a container and not purchase it, make sure that you are provided with a copy of the rental agreement and that you read through it before signing anything. Don’t hesitate to clarify anything that seems confusing for you, and make sure that the agreement allows you to return the container immediately after use so you won’t be charged for over-booking.

Overall Condition

Before you rent a portable storage container, check its overall condition. Make sure that you document any fault that you see—dents, rust spots, faulty features, or damages—because you might be held responsible for them. See to it that these faults are written onto the agreement so you won’t be charged for them afterwards.

Use this as a checklist the next time you visit a storage container company so that you can be sure that the container you choose is the one most suited for your needs.